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The Locky Awards

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  • What are the Locky Awards?
    • The Locky Awards is an awards program for the locksport community. They will primarily be focused around YouTube videos, with some exceptions.
  • Who is eligible to receive a Locky Award?
    • Anyone in the locksport community, except for me.
    • People are eligible to be nominated for videos and activities that happened in the previous year (next will be 2021).
  • What are the categories?
    • Best Editing
    • Best Audio
    • Best Lighting
    • Best Visual Aids/Effects
    • Most Informative Video
    • Most Creative Video
    • Most Impressive Pick
    • Best Out of Package Pick
    • Most Impressive gutting disaster
    • Most supportive commenter
    • Most Creative Challenge (can be, but not necessarily, part of a giveaway)
    • Most Creative Giveaway (Most creative giveaway overall including the challenge, structure, and draw process)
    • Best Challenge lock (Must be a valid challenge lock with a working key. Made in 2021 and featured in a video, not necessarily made on video)
    • Best custom made pick (Made in 2020 and featured in a video, not necessarily made on video.)
    • Community Spirit Award (The person that has done the most to support the community in 2021. Not limited to YouTube)
  • How are videos or people nominated? (Read this before submitting your nominations.)
    • Anyone in the locksport community can nominate any other member of the community.
    • Nominations will be accepted from January 1st through January 29th.
    • Members can nominate one person or video per category.
    • A link will be provided at the bottom of this page when nominations are open.
      • The process will be announced closer to when voting opens.
      • Please wait until you have all of your nominations ready before you fill out and submit the form.
      • You do not need to nominate someone for each category
      • But you will only be allowed to nominate one person or video in each category.
      • When you are entering your nominations:
        • If possible post a link to the video you are nominating.
        • If you can’t post a link, enter the name or number of the video and the channel it is on.
        • For the challenge lock and custom pick categories:
          • Reference the video that the lock or pick was featured in.
        • For the community spirit award:
          • Provide the name and the platform they can be found on.
          • You should also provide a brief description of why you are nominating them.
  • What is the voting process?
    • Anyone in the community can vote.
    • Each person can vote only once.
    • Voting begins February 1st.
    • The process will be announced closer to when voting opens.
  • How will winners be announced?
    • I will announce the winners in a livestream on our YouTube channel, The Lock Sportscast, in early March 2021.
  • What do winners get?
    • Winners will get a 3D printed trophy, bragging rights and a warm fuzzy feeling. The 2020 awards were an alpha test for the Locky Awards.
      I reserve the right to disqualify anyone I suspect of cheating. My decisions are final.

YouTube is in no way a partner to this contest and all applicants agree to release YouTube from any and all liability related to this contest.
Personal data collected as a part of this contest will be used only for the purposes of this contest and will not be released to third parties.
Any entries that violate YouTube's community guidelines will be disqualified: