47: Locksmiths, the Good and the Bad

Episode 47 · April 26th, 2021 · 28 mins 49 secs

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In this week’s episode:

Locksmith hailed a hero

Jury sides with KeyMe

Banner acquires H.L. Flake

New article on the Belt System

Possibly the world’s tiniest CL

A $30 million international bank heist

Other lockpicking criminals 

Criminal locksmiths



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The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers 


Colchester Locksmith hailed a hero on Sara Cox's Radio 2 show

Marshall federal jury sides with KeyMe in patent trial

Banner Drives Expansion Strategy with Acquisition 

Community News:

#Pick4Gordon ~ RIP Granddad

The Belt Ranking System

Second Look: just released SC1 Kwikset Smartkey lock (Schlage Keyway)

[36] Miwa Anker 3800 Security Dimple Pins + 4 Magnetic Sliders Picked, Gutted & Explained + Lockcam


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Colchester Locksmith hailed a hero on Sara Cox's Radio 2 show 


Three New York men arrested, accused of pulling off $30 million international bank heist

Kingston Police find crystal meth, lock pick during traffic stop

Málaga Police Arrest 'Red-Handed', A Man Wanted For 14 Robberies

Police investigate locksmith rivalry on Spain's Costa Blanca as dirty tricks sabotage competitor's internet ad campaign - Olive Press News Spain

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