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The PacLock A Month Giveaway

The PacLock A Month Giveaway


“PacLock a Month” Rules:

I’m giving away one of my custom engraved PacLock 100A padlocks every month. 

To be entered, you must:

  1. Provide me with locksport or locksport community news that I can use on my weekly podcast.
    • Submit your news via one of the following:
    • Email:
    • Reddit: currentc57 on r/locksport
    • Discord: You can find me on the following servers as “Current”
      • Lockpickers United 
      • Extraordinary League of Pickers 
      • CBC
    • You will receive 1 entry for each news item I use in the podcast that month.
  2. Share the podcast on social media
    • Make sure I know about it by tagging me and/or emailing me a screenshot or other proof.

The winner will be drawn and announced the following month.  The winner will have 1 week to contact me via email to claim the prize.

I will pay for shipping within the U.S.  If you live outside the U.S., you can still enter, but must pay to ship if you win.

I reserve the right to change these rules as I need to during the course of the year.

I reserve the right to disqualify anyone for any reason.  My decisions are final.

This giveaway is a thank you to the subscribers that watch my videos, listen to my podcasts, and help me produce them.