Episode 24

24: More Podcasts


November 16th, 2020

30 mins 8 secs

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In this week’s episode:

-A few more podcasts you might want to check out

-Kwikset’s new SC1 keyway Smartkey

-More on ballot box security

-Bosnian Bill gives safe buying advice

-LockPickingLawyer is now selling lockpicking tools and training

-Community members raising money for a Breast Cancer charity

-Lock picking criminals


-New Giveaways

-And more.


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-Locksmith Talk with ALOA

-Ask a Locksmith

-Uncensored Tactical 153 SkyPirate_Actual on Lock Picking 


Recent stories related to locksport:

-Kwikset's SC1 Keyway From: Kwikset


-News: Kwikset Smartkey in SCHLAGE keyway?! It’s Coming!

-The Security Of Ballot Collection Boxes: One Can Be Opened In Thirty Seconds Or Less 



Community News:

-Condensed History of Lock Picking

-US Postal Padlocks pt.1 

-Deadlocks #passaroundbox Decoded 

-(1806) Buying a Safe Tips    

-[1196] EXCITING NEWS!!! Launching CovertInstruments.com 

-Covert Instruments 

-Classes – Covert Instruments 

-Lock Picking for Breast Cancer 

-Lock Picking for Breast Cancer, organized by Matt Davies 


-Save the Date - DEF CON's first New Year's Eve party! Save the Date - DEF CON's first New Year's Eve party! 



-Utah man arrested for threatening Oklahoma police, officers say

-Man uses face mask to pick the lock of his handcuffs and escape police custody

-Fleeing man nabbed with burglary tools and ski mask in Fruitland Park

-Suspected 'NorCal Rapist' Roy Charles Waller takes stand at trial



-SE Lock and KEY Video - a $10 large HPC Pick Case! Wow! 

-Commando Locks 15% off all locks code FALL2020 - Expires 2021-01-01 11:59PM EST

-MAKO Locks 15% off with code BUYMAKO Unknown exp


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-Lock Pickings Gal

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   -(ENG-094) Lockpicking - Sparrows Coin Giveaway for Breast Cancer Awareness and a new Custom Pick 


   -(ENG-082) Lockpicking - My new giveaway #bad100 

-Dusty N Windy

   - #DNW100 Giveaway 


   - #RPSpiceyChallenge

   -|85| It's a Spicy CL! Roon Picker Giveaway and Bat Shit Crazy Picked and Gutted! 


   - Subscribers Appreciation Giveaway #BrandStarry900 

-Starrylock - #shoutoutMonday


   -Pocket Women

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